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Established in 2011 with the mission of bridging local safe vegetables and meat producers with customers who matter the quality and safety of foods, VietFinest is now being upgraded to become a hub point of finest products in Vietnam.


In the context that there is a growing concern about food and drink safety in Vietnam, in 2017 VietFinest has signed contract with TOELL (address: 1-5-21 Takata-Nishi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, 223-8510 Japan) to import and distribute Shinano Yusui, a Made-in-Japan high grade quality natural spring water, in Vietnamese market.


VietFinest has also tried hard to find trustworthy organic producers in Vietnam and finally choosen Orfarm, a leading organic producer with its own organic farms verified and certified by EMRO Japan. Organic vegetables and meats from Orfarm and high quality drinking water from TOELL will definitely satisfy all customers who used to be concerned about food and drink safety in Vietnam


To better serve customer’s need about high quality consumer products, VietFinest has just cooperated with Sakuko Vietnam, a branch of Osaka based Sakura Group, to bring thousands of Made-in-Japan products directly imported from Japan.


Welcome to VietFinest – the hub point of finest products in Vietnam


VietFinest's CEO making presentation at JICA - ADB - MARD Workshop, 09 December 2014


Enjoying Shinano Yusui because it is so tasty even for kids


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